Products of Karamsar Technology are par excellence and leave other competitors gasping to match our quality. This simply shows the gap between the leader and others trailing far behind. As our products are manufactured by using the latest machinery and technology, the clients appreciate the durability of our products as much as they admire our ability to excel as a comprehensive solution provider in Preform Mold industry.

Karamsar Technology manufactures mold systems for all types of Preform designs and PET machines, and its range of molds for Preforms includes molds up to 64 cavities.

Our products for their sheer precision and durability are one hand admired by our customers and on the other hand are envied by our competitors.

As our molds have intrinsic perfection in their designs, it is possible to easily exchange the inserts which allows development of different Preforms from the same mold. The Karamsar products require low maintenance and are highly power efficient.


  • Karamsar offers molds up to 64 cavities.
  • A perfectly balanced hot runner ensures uniform melt flow and pressure in all the cavities.
  • Our molds are known for their extreme reliability and long life.
  • The molds ensure fast & reliable ejection of the Preform.
  • Best sliding properties of all moving parts ensures minimal maintenance cost.
  • An excellent after sales service and overall competence are important to us – as much as our customers.
  • We don't save on R&D and thus we save you costs and energy.
  • Gate free Preform.
  • Low Preform eccentricity, not more than 0.1/0.2mm.
  • Low I.V. (Intrinsic Viscosity Loss) Loss.
  • Low weight variation between cavities, less than +/-0.2 g.
  • Excellent Perpendicularity.
  • Low Preform temperature at exit to avoid scratches on Preform.