Design Capabilities

At Karamsar Technology, Preform shapes are designed on the latest CAD Software which enables us to achieve optimal thickness, weight, stretchability and thread fitment to exactly match customer needs. We can engineer your molds to the highest degree of accuracy for superior performance and longer die life with our expertise in designing and manufacturing by using latest CAD / Cam System.

Product design is executed by using the latest, upgraded and most advanced software which ensures that the customers get nothing short of the best. And this is done at our in-house design studios which is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Further, accuracy of dimensions is ensured by our qualified and skilled engineers.

All designs and molds developed by Karamsar Technology are done so while taking care of consistent cooling and efficient heat transfer which ensures utmost Preform quality and short cycle times.

Molds designed & developed by Karamsar Technology are a result of deep dedication and excellence of our technical staff and use of most modern machinery.