Research & Development

Karamsar Technology lays utmost emphasis on giving products par excellence and that is achieved through regular R&D; carried out by its qualified and diligent engineers.

Our engineers ensure that upgrades are incorporated to improve output, reduce cycle times and give added functionality to the equipment. Consistent cooling and efficient heat transfer is ensured by technically embedded cooling channel layout & turbulent water flow. Complete ambit of product design, mold design, mold analysis and mold process simulation occur within a design studio which has been exclusively set up for the same so that the end user receives a finely engineered product.

Molds designed & developed by Karamsar Technology are a result of deep dedication and excellence of our technical staff and use of most modern machinery. The process is constant and so is our perseverance to ensure that the products are flawless.

Karamsar Technology is proud to have an in-house and well developed R&D; centre within company premises which is helping us to launch new designs of Preform that meet the needs and demands of end users. This R&D; centre has a number of workstations which are well equipped with most updated CAD / Cam Systems so as to ensure that there is no compromise with the quality and this quality is constantly monitored by our Quality Assurance department.